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SasaHivi Media Ltd produces the new website for the Panari Hotel Nairobi

SasaHivi Media Ltd produces the new website for the Panari Hotel Nairobi

The Panari Hotel
The Panari Hotel is the only Transit Hotel situated just five minutes away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and the head office of the Kenya Airport Authority offices in Nairobi Kenya.
With its exquisite accommodation rooms facing the Nairobi National Park, the Panari Hotel offers a breathtaking view for those who love Kenyan Safaris and Wild Life and for those business travelers enroute to different destinations.
The Panari Hotel also gives the very best in conferencing and banqueting facilities for all corporate, social and personal events. Security being a major issue in the world of today, the Panari Hotel has 24 hours security with internal and external security personnel deployed in the entire facility.
The Panari Sky Center inside the Panari Hotel houses the one and only ice skating rink in the whole of east Africa. One has to visit this facility a magical experience ice skating experience right in the heat of Africa. But remember to wear your warm gear!

A new website for the Panari Hotel
Tourism business in Kenya is quite competitive and each player in the industry is under great pressure to have a keen eye onto new developments in any way, to keep having an advantage above their competition. As the main revenue streams come in Kenya from foreign tourists, communication with and marketing to foreign markets is therefore crucial to success (and survival). The internet is the perfect medium to reach out to those markets in a cost-effective way, compared to other means and media. Though, the ‘internet’ can never do it by itself, it all depends on a professional and effective online presence coupled with a goal-oriented strategy to unlock the full potential of the internet.
Each (tourism) business, either big or small has to position itself by highlighting its unique advantages above its competition.
As the Panari Hotel is set in an unique building on an unique location, we are particular proud on the virtual tours in the website. To showcase the uniqueness of the Panari Hotel, we have incorporated into the website 3-dimensional virtual tours, which are completely navigable by keyboard and mouse. The virtual tours are made from many photographs stitched together by an inventive seamless stitching technique, to create a unique lasting impression. Have a look at the virtual tours here.

SasaHivi Media Ltd welcomes the Panari Hotel to its ever growing family of clients and is proud to support with their new online presence their efforts to attract even more (foreign) visitors to their premises! Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya)!

Find the website of the Panari Hotel Nairobi here: Panari Hotel Nairobi website.


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