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SasaHivi Media produces website for the African Centre for Volunteers (ACV)

SasaHivi Media produces new website for the African Centre for Volunteers (ACV)

About the African Centre for Volunteers
The African Centre for Volunteers is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Kisumu, Kenya, whose mission is to strengthen community groups by training, sharing their skills and experiences, grants making, and the placement of skilled volunteers, in a way that improves their abilities to initiate and coordinate development processes.
The African Centre for Volunteers works from the point of conviction that everyone’s social, economic, and civil rights must be fulfilled to make the world a better place.

To contribute to this, ACV works at the grass roots with the people and at national and global level through capacity building and advocacy:
The African Centre for Volunteers employs two main strategies in achieving their mission:
Strengthen capacities of local civil society organizations and governments to provide essential services to the vulnerable through capacity building and placement of skilled volunteers.
Fundraise to support Health, Education, Food security, and Governance programs at community level.

ACV’s interventions are developed through a consultative process to understand the specific context, and identify opportunities for improvement. Volunteers are recruited to support local organizations to directly implement projects or to advocate for policy change and implementation in our programmatic areas.

About the website for the African Centre for Volunteers
As ACV is a fast growing, young organization, it had the need to have a website which is able to grow with the organization, while enabling the organization to communicate with all its stakeholders wherever they are, as well locally as globally. SasaHivi Media has therefore developed a concept for a Content Management System (CMS) based website with a strong foundation, though an initially small ‘building’ on top of that foundation. By having a strong foundation, the initially small content and functionalities can therefore grow to become a ‘skyscraper’, in match with the growth of the organization.

Next to initial functionalities like newsletter subscription, configurable polls, a guestbook and a downloads section for documents, SasaHivi Media has also set up and implemented into the website links to ACV’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts. As much as these accounts will be filled up with content through time, it is an added advantage for any organization working in the fields where ACV operates in, to have innovative functions implemented into their website right from the start.

SasaHivi Media has given thorough training to the ACV staff in as well the use of the Content Management System, as well in how to deal with the interactive functionalities of the website, like handling the newsletter system. We have also trained them in how to handle Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, while particular elaborating on how to use these tools in a way that makes sense (which is not always the case for many organizations)!

SasaHivi Media is proud to be associated with the African Centre for Volunteers and we wish them all the best for their organization and that they will succeed in contributing to make Africa (and the world as well) a better place!

Have a look at the African Centre for Volunteers’ website here:


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